Dating bad credit

Want to make yourself more attractive to a potential mate? Turns out that having a great credit history is sexy to some people.

And an online dating site is betting that hooking people up — in part based on their credit scores –will score lots of users.

Niem Green, CEO of, says “Our algorithm uses the information received and determines their matches and if what was inputted is true.

This has an accuracy rating of about 92%."“Matching someone based on their dating score is not right … The dating site’s CEO says they have an 86%-89% success rate of long-term relationships and marriages using their method.

“The site does not check the accuracy of the scores,” reports Mia Taylor for

The site’s founder, Niem Green says a series of questions can help determine if people are being honest. As Taylor writes, “The questions cover topics such as delinquent accounts in the past and what they would do with a sudden cash windfall. adults said knowing someone’s credit score would affect their interest in dating that person, according to the report released this week.

The link between a credit score and romance has led to a dating site called

For example, someone with an otherwise pristine credit history can suddenly be slammed with a ,000 bill for an unexpected surgery and subsequent hospital stay.

The other part of the equation is how much money really matters when it comes to relationships.

What happens when someone we’re romantically involved with is bad with money? I suspect the answer depends in part whether you are dating or whether you are married.

Money is the number one problem in marriages and the number one cause of divorce.

This is worth repeating: Money is the number one problem in marriages and the number one cause of divorce.

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