Pitbull dating jennifer lopez

There’s something about Jennifer Lopez’s love life that never gets old.Despite three divorces and three major flings, she seems to be a romantic idealist at heart. The “I Luh Ya Papi” singer stopped by Chelsea Handler’s E! Because neither of them have given us a proper alternative to feast on. If they’re doing specials in six months, I’ll be pissed. Alison Herman: You know the only reason we’ve had to subsist on the thin, thin gossip gruel Rihanna and Drake have fed us for so many years?A gunman entered a Galveston County daycare center, killed one woman and wounded another 29 years ago.The killer, Clyde "Buddy" Spence will soon be released from prison.Bruno Mars is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago.

Drake-Lo has that potential, especially since you he’s had a crush on her since his bar mitzvah days. Maybe.) Drake is a total fuckboy who needs to reform because he’s rapidly maxing out on the allotted time in which one is allowed to write Fuckboy Anthems. Maybe this will be the relationship that makes him grow up and write songs that demonstrate some sort of healthy reverence for women and an understanding of a mutually respectful, loving relationship with another human being instead of whatever it is he’s been doing. That said, I am 100 percent sure that they made a mutual postcoital decision to publicize this stuff for musical and financial gain, and honestly … Authenticity only matters if you make a big deal out of it. If you were Drake and/or Jennifer Lopez, and you were presented with the opportunity to liaise with the other pop star in this equation, wouldn’t you? Lo almost definitely are not in a real relationship, if only because real relationships take (a) time, (b) regular physical proximity, and (c) less ego than what’s going on between those two. That’s fine for Rihanna, whose weed-scented glow would only be dimmed by someone to share the red carpet with.(That’s a little therapy gift from me to you.) But we, as a celebrity-watching community, need to be a little more precise about our language on this stuff. That’s for Drake, whose needy-cornbread act practically begs for a foil, preferably one he very performatively knows is out of his league.

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