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When 1-on-1 chat is initialized and two users are chatting, messages are being delivered and everything works great, but when app of one of the users goes background, the other one keeps messaging.It looks like messages are being sent, saved into history and cache (I log it), but when the other users goes back online and retrieves history — these messages do not appear.If you have no luck try mentioning that the rep in chat id 0a1d99d5-e858-47ac-9814-63474cc42f3e offered a free blast upgrade! Don't have .99 Performance available in your area?The special disappeared from my area too when I had to open a new account this week.In the logs I see them coming with the delay after the app restarts: Entire messaging process is built using code from Simple Sample chat (Also, I do not use Push Notifications yet).Can you, please, advise me something on this issue? UPDATE: After reinstalling the app, message history with the user isn't retrieved, that means, I guess, the history I was talking about was stored in cache.What you should do is add an entry to your '' file like this: My Open Weather Map Api Key="[YOUR-API-KEY]" Then sync your project with gradle (if using Android Studio) You're absolutely correct.This was taught very poorly (with a text node IIRC) and will be changed in the next iteration of the course.

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It seems that e Chat has the ability to mark you as picking up your self install kit from a Xfinity Store saving you the self install fee. Some people have had luck with Retentions for this deal, but e Chat is the easiest way to go 1. But my main issue with Slack is that it is not open enough. So when a not-logged in user would open root address, they would get to the normal main screen, with all channels listed and so on. What I mean by that is that is that users can come and start reading what is happening on public channels without registration.Maybe we could use a Meteor package which automatically creates an account for every user, and then just use permissions to do the rest.And allowing users to change the username and set password would then allow them to register the account once they decide to do so.

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