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My collection of BDSM, D/s, & erotic stories & poems consists of my own original stories, submissions, and favorites from free sites. Our creations are our pride and joy and we like hearing from you.

They include stories from published and new erotica writers. Latest Post: 2/14 Ciana's D/s Stories "I was held captive beside her the whole time I could not stop reading.

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The different sections are described below: Original erotic discipline stories, caning stories, strapping stories and BDSM stories by a variety of writers.

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For as long as I can remember, my life consisted only of me and mom (Cynthia Evans).

She was always there for me and I tried to always be there for her.

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If you wish to use one of the erotic or BDSM stories, kindly obtain the author's permission.Robinson 1-04 Dinner Time at Ca'del Bosco 3-03 Eyes Wide Shut 3-03 Night Hunger 8-02 Renata 8-02 Dragon Fire Stories Teenage Crush 9-12 Electric Witch The Voice 4-04 Emy Naso The Girl Who Fell From Grace 9-10 A Sexual Twist 10-10 Fait Accompli The Long Hot Summer 9-12 (M/M) Frances La Gatta The Head Hunter 9-03 Red Revenge 10-02 Helen Smith And From Nowhere She Came 7-05 (Lesbian) ibblazin Blindfolded 9-03 The Darkness 8-02 Jack Allen Redeye To L. 3-08 An Electrician's Choice 6-07 Madame Kon's Daughter 2-07 The Paper Boy 1-05 A Whisky And Lemonade 12-04 Trial By Sperm 11-04 Javon64 What Happens In Vegas...5-06 Jeremy Kennedy Watching Out For A Friend 2-04 John The Give-Away 5-08 (M/m) Kelly Arthur The Roadhouse 9-06 Ken Delbridge A Game of Trust 9-03 Lady Yvette Roll Of The Dice 1-07 Waiting For Him To Come 11-06 Laura Mead The Diary Of Laura Mead - Room With A View 5-09 The Diary Of Laura Mead - Mr. Jonathan 12-04 Rick Canidy Big Tipper Rod Stiffener Lady Jane 1-03 Spigot Illicit Liaison 6-04 Desperation 4-04 Spoonbender And Then You Came 8-04 A Loving Couple 8-04 The Sender Jefferey and Jennifer 1-03 Timber Cheating 7-06 Tom Clement See No Evil 10-13 Voisard d' Orleans Honor Student Zaphod Beck and Call 12-02 Zig Bushing The Tenant 2-03 At the Window 11-02 My Other Best Erotic Link Partner Dr.Times were tough growing up, money was always short but somehow mom managed to always pay the bills.Immediately after my 18th birthday, I went and got a job at the local manufacturing plant and worked the graveyard shift. We were even talking about moving into a bigger place, little did either of us know, our decision would be made soon enough for both of us.

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