Dating a cancerian

Circuitous dating ideas include a movie, which allows for the experience of being in each others space, and seeing what that's like.

Side-by-side seating, dinner theatre, city tours or rides in any two-seater (rickshaw, pedi-cab, etc), hit the mark.

By learning more about your partner’s sign, you can gain insight to better understand and communicate with him or her. They’re prone to mood swings and can be very sensitive. On the flip side, any emotional gesture — such as a sweet note or romantic surprise – is treasured.Cancerians always worry about how other people feel.They don’t like seeing people hurt and are always offering a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.I’ll give you a broad overview of their various traits and characteristics and then move on to specifics of this powerful Zodiac sign.These luscious and charismatic men actually love being in a monogamous relationship, particularly over the long term.

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