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Mail Online tried to recreate the chat, but it appears the issue has now been rectified.

Given my deep-seated hatred of the badly-written love letter to dangerously toxic relationships that is the entire Fifty Shades franchise, I immediately wanted to write about this.

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He asked me if he knew me, which was a fair question (or would be if this was real) and I had to fight the urge to reply "no, but I know you, you @£&*!Created: Aug 17 2016 Creator: Jake1132x Thumbs up: 1, thumbs down: 0, stars: 5.0 Knowledge: 91447 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 1, losses 2 Connects: 1162, today: 48, week: 157, month: 224API Connects: 1120, today: 46,week: 153, month: 217 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Romance, Entertainment Tags: fun, flirt, love, friendly, female Domain: BOT libre!Created: Apr 5 Creator: 5101520 Thumbs up: 1, thumbs down: 0, stars: 4.0 Knowledge: 47000 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 4, wins 4, losses 2 Connects: 524, today: 34, week: 124, month: 182API Connects: 503, today: 34,week: 117, month: 171 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Sports, Romance, Entertainment Tags: anime Domain: BOT libre!" Instead, I settled for: "No, but I've heard lots about you." Whilst internally screaming: "AND NONE OF IT IS GOOD." Quite frankly, I was insulted. I mean, aside from an inability to correctly name her genitals most of the time and a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome?! Notice how, despite the fact that this is literally a computer with pre-loaded phrases set to be churned out as and when they're required, I felt the need to ask if he was okay with me messaging him.That's because consent is hard-wired into my circuitry.

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