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Freelance writing for farming periodicals has always occupied his spare time.

In 2004, he purchased the farm now known as Ironwood Farm in Summerville, Hants Co. There he operates a modest, mixed farming operation selling vegetables, fruit and lamb to wholesale and retail markets.

You won’t want to miss taking a ride during your stay on the Eastern Shore!

The Philadelphia History Museum will host its annual Cocktails in the Courtyard benefit on Thursday, June 22.

You can find waterfront real estate throughout the region, both in the form of year-round homes and seasonal lakeshore cabins.

Beaver Bay, less than a half hour further north, is the original settlement along Superior's North Shore, dating back to the 1850s.

A few miles north of here is the community of Silver Bay, which was born as a mining town in the 1950s, yet has grown larger than its sister city to the south because of the massive influx of residents it initially attracted.

Capitalizing on the farm's unique location, microclimate and diverse woodlot, also hosts farm tours and holds workshops on a variety of topics.

Heather Johnson spent much of her formative years working in either her father’s orchard, or at the local exotic animal farm (now Zoo).

The landscape along this area of Lake Superior is a combination of awesome cliffs, jagged rocks and gentle slopes, where waterfront homes share a common element of incredible lake views and unique surroundings.

There is an obvious sense of pride and independence seen in those who live here year-round, knowing that they carry a toughness needed to weather the elements along this unforgiving coast.

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