Oasis online dating review

Sending a message costs 100 tokens, but since you only begin your dating journey with 150 you’re very limited as to the amount of contact you are able to make.

Are you looking for new friends, dates or a serious relationship? Over 150,000 members join the Oasis Network every month!

Oasis Active maintains a list of all the chat contacts that a person has had in the past so that it’s easy to chat based on who’s online at any time.

Oasis Dating is a free online dating service with a few optional extras which allow you to expand your options for meeting singles.

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Oasis Active is a great site for connecting with people who are looking for friendship, dating relationships, and long term relationships.The site proactively works to get you the very best matches based on your search criteria, location, and designated age range.Oasis Active is an online dating site which encompasses singles throughout the world.Oasis Active is a free site which makes no request for payment and offers a quick and easy online dating service which allows individuals to quickly peruse hundreds of profiles from around the world, identify profiles that interest them and contact the user via a chat request or an email at their leisure.The Oasis search tool allows searchers to limit their search by location so that they can concentrate their searches on people who live in a realistic proximity from their own location.

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