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Although there have previously been rumors about a backstage romance between Paige and Brad Maddox, never have there been similar rumors about Paige and Xavier Woods. At the very beginning of the video, Xavier playfully grabs Paige’s shoulder, and Seth Rollins seems to look over in their direction and shake his head.

So what has been the relationship between these two WWE superstars? However, there’s quite a lot of activity in the video, and so it’s not totally clear what he is shaking his head in response to.

The young mechanic was immediately rushed to Tallaght Hospital, before he was transferred to Beaumont Hospital’s neurological ward for extensive surgery.

Paul, who was transferred back to Tallaght Hospital following the operation, is now receiving one session of occupational therapy a week.

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"They said she would have to be garda vetted for Tallaght Hospital, even though she is garda-vetted from another hospital where she has been working.Based on their social media profiles, Paige and Xavier Woods were good friends in the WWE for several years.In an October 2014 Instagram video, the two are seen performing their own secret handshake backstage before a WWE show.This Eurocel PET Tape is a siliconic based polyester tape, which has an excellent adhesion to the (heated) platform of any desktop 3D printer.Because of its high thermal resistance this Eurocel PET Tape creates an ideal surface for 3D prints where a heated printbed is required.

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