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“The production office got a call from the prime minister’s office . “Luckily, I had already left, [but] it would [have been] a good story for the talk shows — though there’s a fine line between being in a good story, and being in a Thai prison.” The film — which finds Wilson’s character and his wife, played by Lake Bell, dodging bullets and engaging in hand-to-hand combat — might seem like an odd choice for the star of “Wedding Crashers” and various Wes Anderson flicks.But Wilson, who has two young children, empathized with the story of a man fighting to save his wife and kids.For a riot scene where Wilson finds himself stuck between an advancing wall of protesters and a lineup of pro-government forces, the production had to be sensitive to a similar struggle happening nearby. It’s easier to sell the idea that you’re confused and don’t know what’s going on, because that’s oftentimes how you feel when you’re traveling in strange places.” To shoot a scene where Wilson’s character has to toss his two young daughters from one rooftop to another to escape protesters’ bullets, he had special assistance to get into the role.“We had to be done filming by a certain time, because they didn’t want our movie riot to touch off a real one. His then-3-year-old son, Robert, was on set with his mother, Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Jade Duell.It's a finger touch, followed by a quick pull away. I need not fret, though, because as Zoolander demonstrates, first impressions don't last.As Wilson is quick to remind me, the reason it has taken 15 years to make a sequel is that "the first one didn't do very well." It seems hard to believe, given that "Blue Steel" has gone on to become the most famous pose on Earth, but in 2001, the film was dismissed like a piece of fluff on a jumper.

you know, we didn't have cell phones.''You'd get home to your answering machine, then you go to the same club the next time. 'Don't forget how old I am and don't forget those days before cell phones and the old answering machines! Michael Rapaport, who was also a guest on the show, couldn't believe his ears as he asked Sonja, 'You dated Jack Nicholson!? Jack, meanwhile, is a father of four who has been linked to some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including Lara Flynn Boyle.

It's like a group thing that goes on for a few nights. He had a long-term, on-off relationship with actress Anjelica Huston from 1973 to 1990. He tied the knot with actress Sandra Knight in 1962 before divorcing in 1968.

[Jack] was a friend of my girlfriend, in fact, and ... I had an Italian boyfriend at the time, too.'Sonja made the Jack Nicholson revelation while appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, and said their relationship was 'one big sloppy mess.' Sonja was playing a game of Would Morgan Date Him?

“I could relate to being a father trying to protect his family,” he says.

“When I read the script, I thought it seemed like an exciting story, and I could imagine playing the character.” Shooting the film, there was plenty of excitement both on and off set.

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