Speed dating kuala lumpur 2016

Lunch Actually, Asia’s premier lunch dating agency revealed the results of its dating survey that was conducted last December amongst 2,000 respondents aged above 21 from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand, of which 47% were female and 51% male.“The rise in online dating apps and online sites have altered the dynamics of finding love in recent years but based on the results, engagement with your potential online matches in person may not be as fabulous as one would expect it to be,” said Violet Lim, CEO and co-founder of Lunch Actually and author of bestseller .Lim shared, “Phoniness and deception is a major issue with online dating as everyone is trying to promote themselves to increase their chances of getting as many potential matches as possible.”“To avoid this situation, you should either look for a date offline, or if you are using an online dating site or app, it is important to meet in-person as soon as possible and engage in real face-to-face conversations.When it comes to deception, 40.89% were of the view that people sometimes misrepresented themselves online, 27.58% said most of the time while 6.16% said people misrepresented themselves online all the time. Of the people who have gone on dates with their online matches, only 9.37% say that their online chemistry has translated to real life chemistry.Phoniness is a major issue as 35.24% are afraid that their online date would look nothing like the photo they post online while 33.17% had fears that the ease of conversation via text would not have the same spark in real life.The cost of living has been rapidly rising in Singapore with expats in the firing line as the government tightens the screw on foreign workers.

Their website also lists two more co-founders of the Halal Speed Dating venture, namely Syed Azmi Al Habshi and Hayati Ismail, both of whom remain as Consultants.

Already it has been estimated that around 400,000 commuters will use the link daily once it is running.

It would be beneficial for Malaysian-based expats who want to work in Singapore but don’t want to pay the sky-high rents that are becoming unavoidable in the city-state.

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