Office communicator not updating my status

Pidgin and Finch ship with a large collection of officially supported plugins which modify standard behavior in a number of ways.

You can manage available plugins by accessing the "Tools" menu from the Buddy List window and selecting "Plugins." If you have a problem with one of the plugins included with the software, you should report it via a ticket.

The Office Communicator window will close but the application will continue to run, and the Office Communicator icon will still be displayed in the taskbar.

The Welcome to Office Communicator window is displayed, and you are signed out of Office Communicator.

To sign out you must use the menu in the Office Communicator title-bar.

Also, your Lync status message is automatically set to whatever your Oo OA internal message is.

If you set your Oo OA to be turned on and off at a scheduled time, the Lync features will be activated when the start time passes.

If you do, those tickets will be closed as invalid.

Howdy, I’ve been busy with too many deployments and onsite support and when have time try to help out the Lync Community via Lync Tech Net forum.

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