Diablo 3 stuck updating setup files

trying to install Diablo III that is.anyways, a few seconds after the setup starts, i get an error message regarding ".temp" files that could not be created (has something to do with Conflict Manager:: Create Objects apparently). Some people have said closing programs like MSI afterburner or EVGA Precision worked for them.

Maybe try closing any overclocking software or GPU control programs if you have any running. But i'm not sure if this is getting the game to run or the installation itself.

Getting stuck on the Updating Setup Files loading screen may indicate that the Update Agent is having issues installing the game.

Error 37 simply means: "The service is undergoing maintenance, please try again later." Error 12 is caused by "the Global Play feature being disabled until all regions are active".

If this isn't an issue, then maybe try re downloading the client? Edit- I have just had a look around and some people also say it could be an antivirus causing it so try turning it off, and someone says they fixed it by deleting the battlenet folder and restarting the installation.

Another Edit- Found this, may be of use to you if you still can't get it working. I'm running Windows 8 and I have no problems, but i'm experiencing problems with every game that runs Steam, apparently this may be Windows 8 related but nobody from Steam can be bothered to get back to me help me find a solution!

In order to install Diablo 3 on a low end computer system using Microsoft Windows Vista, first one must check the service pack version.

Users who are currently using Windows Vista as operating system will generally encounter this problem.We'll keep this post updated throughout the next couple of days with the latest problems and info on how to fix them.We'll also include non-Blizzard sources when appropriate (but in general, Blizzard is pretty on top of all these).installers start running today (even though you can install the game, you can't play until midnight PST), a host of issues have cropped up.Most of these can be solved by commonsense troubleshooting techniques, but some others are a bit more .

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