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For technical support, response to inquiries and for obtaining replacements for any Foscam IP Cameras or NVR products, please reach out to [email protected] call 1-844-344-1113.

If you are interested in exchanging your Foscam camera for an Amcrest camera, we can offer you a massive loyalty discount, even if you are out of warranty.

With broadband internet widely available, many PC users are actively using their webcams for video chatting and online meetings.

Not only does the increased bandwidth facilitate the use of video over the internet, improved webcams and better video compression also help a lot.

First, you want to make sure that you are allowing the player to access your broadcast equipment; you can do so by choosing "allow".

One of the very first step is of course to check your webcam connection.

Most webcams use the USB port to connect to the PC, so check if your USB cable is properly plugged.

If you hear audio on other videos on the web and not on Ustream, check the volume in the Ustream player and make sure it is turned up.

If you have already established that the Ustream player and your computer have the volume turned up but you still aren't hearing any audio on your broadcast, next you need to check the audio settings in your encoding / broadcasting software.

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