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/bin/bash SAVEIFS=$IFS IFS=$(echo -en "\n\b") declare -i j=0 for i in $(java -jar -s list-jobs --username **** --password ***); do let "j "; echo $j; if [ $j -gt 283 ] // If you have more jobs do it in chunks as it will terminate in the middle of the process. build Builds a job, and optionally waits until its completion. install-tool Performs automatic tool installation, and print its location to stdout. keep-build Mark the build to keep the build forever.

SAVEIFS=$IFS IFS=$(echo -en "\n\b") for i in $(java -jar /run/jenkins/war/WEB-INF/-s list-jobs); do java -jar /run/jenkins/war/WEB-INF/-s get-job $ #! install-plugin Installs a plugin either from a file, an URL, or from update center.

Now fair warning: it took me about two days to figure the stuff out you’re going to see in this blogpost, starting from knowing basically nothing about modern e-mail servers.

But now that I’ve figured it out, if you don’t ask too many questions you can implement it from these notes in just two hours.

IOException: No X-Jenkins-CLI2-Port among [X-Jenkins, null, Server, X-Content-Type-Options, X-Hudson, Date, X-Jenkins-Session, Cache-Control, X-Hudson-Theme, Set-Cookie, Expires, Content-Length, Content-Type] at delete-node Deletes node(s) delete-view Deletes view(s). online-node Resume using a node for performing builds, to cancel out the earlier "offline-node" command.

So bookmark this blog post, block off a Saturday next month, and get it done. If you are still using GMail (or Yahoo, or arbitrary US-based email company) in August, your right to complain about the NSA spying on you is revoked. Edit Some people are complaining that the NSA is pulling all the e-mail over the wire anyway, so encrypting your own server is stupid.Comments, questions and suggestions are very welcome. :) But mail.content_disposition_type set to 0 should now work much better. -------------- next part -------------- # cnst: nginx.conf, 2013-02-14/17 # Deterministic URL shortener for BSD manual pages, written in # Copyright (c) 2013 Constantine A. Panula at sofor.fi) Date: Mon, 0200 Subject: Geo blocking, but allowing google index robot to pass-thru Message-ID: Hi I have a site where i want to geo block all but one country, but perhaps allow Google to index site, perhaps some other index bot too. Pekka Panula | Jatkuvat Palvelut | Direct 358 | Pekka.Murenin # # https://github.com/cnst/server From ingham.k at Mon Feb 18 2013 From: ingham.k at (Igor Karymov) Date: Mon, 0400 Subject: embedded variable $cookie_YYY and "-" symbol. I observe unexpected behavior when trying to use $cookie_YYY embended variable when cookie name include "-" symbol. So what sort of configuration is needed so i can detect Google bot and let it pass-thru? Panula at Sofor Oy | Takakaarre 3 | PL 51 | FIN-62200 Kauhava tel.If you’re complaining about government spying on the Internet, or in a gathering of programmers, and you won’t take to do anything about it, then you’re a hypocrite, full-stop. However, these people are not aware of just how much e-mail goes over TLS.I will personally come to your terminal and demand the return of your complain license. For example, if you follow this guide, every message to or from a GMail / Google Apps account goes over TLS.

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